We are all volunteers and love the flexibility that this role provides! Although it is important to work together as a team, there are always allowances for family, travel and appointments. Volunteers are always needed in a variety of roles: Schedulers for weekly pick-ups, Family Liaisons, Warehouse volunteers, Box truck drivers (for furniture pick-ups and deliveries to families), and Furniture movers (loading and unloading for pick-ups and deliveries).

Volunteer Opportunities

Schedulers for Pick-Ups

This is an ideal role for someone who would like to contribute weekly but from home. Calls and emails are received with donation information. The scheduler is responsible for putting together the weekly "road map" for the drivers and emailing the information to them on a weekly basis.

Family Liaisons

 "Let the decorating begin" and the ideas flow! This is an ideal spot for creative people! Family liaisons work in teams to visit the homes shortly before they are scheduled for delivery. This allows Home Makers to update the needs list, verify family preferences, take measurements to make sure what pieces will fit, and to confirm delivery date and time. Family Liaisons usually accompany the delivery team to the homes to help coordinate the placement of the furniture and the decorations.

Warehouse Volunteers

Warehouse volunteers are essential in making sure that the all the inventory is properly organized and has the correct labels and parts! These volunteers help by repairing furniture, making sure bed frames are together with proper hardware, sorting and measuring, organizing household decor such as linens, dishware lamps, and restocking shelves.

Home Decorating and Setup

Delivery Day volunteers tag the items that were identified from the home visit, load and unload the furnishings for the set up or staging for the families. This is the most rewarding volunteer job of all since you see first hand the joy of raising a family from nothing to having personal belongings and making a house a home.

Drivers & Movers

Drivers and Movers are the heart of the operation. Without them, nothing moves! Men and women are ALWAYS needed to drive the trucks to pick up the furniture donations, load and unload the trucks and help deliver the goods to the homes.

Home Decorating and Setup

Here is where all the efforts come together with all the team members-liaisons, drivers, movers-moving the furniture into the homes. "Some assembly required" is a term our teams know well. Here is where we put together the beds, mount mirrors on dressers, hang pictures on the walls- whatever is needed to transfer these houses and apartments into comfortable, cozy homes. There is nothing more rewarding than helping to change a family’s life.  Watching the faces of children as they receive their very own bed to sleep in is a true blessing.  

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions or have any questions, please let us know!

We'd love to have you on our team!