Client Referrals

We partner with family crisis counselors and social workers to assist families who are in need of furnishings and household items. Because we hope to create permanent homes for our families, we partner with agencies that promote self sufficiency and stability.  Therefore, all clients first must be referred by a case worker from a social service agency who has been in the client's home and can verify the stability of the family. Second, the agency must be approved by Home Makers of Hope as a partnering agency.  To be included on the list of approved agencies, please email us at or complete the Application on this website.

Once approved as a referring agency, the case manager must complete a separate Client Referral form for each family or individual to be referred.  Once the completed form is received, the family will be contacted to set up an appointment with a Family Liaison to determine specific needs with a home visit.  There is typically an eight to twelve week delay, depending on the length of the referral list. Referrals will be prioritized based on need.     

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Client's Address
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