About Home Makers of Hope


Pamela McMenamy Stamey, the founder of Home Makers of Hope, Inc., a faith based ministry dedicated to furnishing homes for low income families, remembers the first family she was asked to help in December of 2008.  While working on a church project to provide clothing to families in need, Pam received a request to help a family of five with three twin beds.  
“I kept wondering how five people would sleep in three beds,” Pam said. “The mother later told me that her 11 year old daughter would sleep in a twin with the 9 year old daughter. The 7 year old son would sleep in a twin with the 5 year old son, and she would sleep in one.”  Knowing three twin beds would be too little for so many, Pam went over to the family’s apartment to see exactly what they needed.   Realizing they needed much more than just beds, she enlisted the help of a friend and solicited donations from friends and family.  Less than a week later, Pam and her friend were able to provide the family with bunk beds for the boys, twin beds for the girls, a queen size bedroom set for the mom, a living room sofa, entertainment center, TV, kitchen table and a fully stocked kitchen and bath.   Creating a welcoming home for the single mother of four was the beginning of a journey for Pam and Home Makers of Hope.  Since that first family, Home Makers of Hope has provided beds and household furnishings to over a thousand families in need of assistance. 


What We Do

Home Makers of Hope is a 100% volunteer faith based ministry that has been creating homes for families since 2008.   Gently used furniture and household items are donated from our parishes and communities and are provided at no cost to families in crisis.

Families are referred to us by case workers from various social service agencies.  Our volunteers then meet with these families to identify their specific needs and wish lists.   Beds, furnishings and household items are then delivered and set up by our volunteers … and homes are made as we make the beds, hang pictures, and decorate their homes.